Company History
The Lanscape Light Pros was created as a complementary business to our highly succesful business "The Christmas Light Pros." With our excellent service and ability to meet our clients expectations for their holiday lighting, it was only natural for our customers to want additional services from us. Many of our customers had landscape lighting that simply was not taken care of or was installed using antiquated methods. We decided it would be best to develop a service/maintenance agreement and also find a quality product that our customers could rely on. By installing the new product and installing products conforming to higher standards we can make sure are clients lighting expectations are met.

The Owners
The Landscape Light Pros is owned by two successful businessmen, Kevin Boyd and Jeff Carlson. Each of the partners graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara. Kevin holds a degree in Law and Society, and Jeff holds his degree in Economics.

Immediately after graduation in 1993, Kevin started his first successful business, San Diego Jet Ski Rentals. Jeff spent his years after graduation building his equally successful financial planning practice. After six years of running The Christmas Light Pros, Kevin decided to sell San Diego Jet Ski Rentals in order to concentrate on The Christmas Light Pros fulltime, and Jeff has followed suit. Each owner is bringing his respective successful track record to this business, and the results speak for themselves.

Growth Opportunity

If you would like to explore the possibility of joining The Lanscape Light Pros family by offering your own “arm” of our services, please contact us to begin the bilateral due diligence process. If each party feels that there is a fit, you could be on your way to your own success in a satisfying business.

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