Landscape Light Customers FAQ’s:


Why should I consider an outdoor lighting specialist like the Landscape Light Pros?
Our lighting Experts are professionally trained to not only install and maintain an array of different types of low voltage systems, but to assist the home or business owner in completing their specific lighting objectives. We will help in all aspects from planning, design, installation, and maintenance with a level of professionalism you won’t find from any landscape company.


What are the benefits of an outdoor lighting system?
Not only will lighting beautify the exterior of your home, it will provide your property with a raised level of security. Our lighting experts are trained to strategically place lights to evenly distribute low levels of illumination around your home and surrounding landscape. Properly lit, your home’s points of entrance become too risky for thieves to even consider. They would much rather look for a less challenging target than risk being seen trying to enter your home.

Landscape lighting also helps in increasing safety in walkways and entranceways around your home, allowing you as well as visitors navigate carefully around potentially hazardous obstacles that may otherwise be unseen.

Many people spend thousands of dollars remodeling their outdoor living spaces to be able to enjoy them during the day. Our experts will bring those sitting and recreational spaces to life with gorgeous lights to accentuate any area to a peaceful or romantic setting.

Energy efficiency is probably the biggest reason to choose a low voltage system.

Clients who have switched from a line voltage to a low voltage system have reported significant reductions in their electricity bills.

And finally, a professionally installed, high quality low voltage system can substantially add value to your home by beautifying the premises and having it stand out from other homes in the area.


Why should I go with a low voltage system instead of a high voltage system?
Low voltage lighting systems provides much cleaner and sharper lighting that is impossible to achieve with line voltage systems. Low voltage systems provide light to accentuate a given area subtly while high voltage systems provide too much light at the source, drawing attention to the fixture and away from the area you are trying to light. Also, low voltage systems can be installed with little or no disturbance to your surrounding landscape.

Most importantly is the cost savings a low voltage system can generate. They operate with only a fraction of the energy a high voltage system consumes.


I’ve seen complete lighting systems at the hardware store for a fraction of the cost, and I can easily do it myself, why should I even consider hiring someone else?
The lighting systems you see at the local hardware store are made for their ease of installation, but those systems have more flaws due to their convenience and can’t put out nearly the same quality of light a professionally installed system can. In terms of their durability, they will in no way stand the test of time like our fixtures will and typically end up costing more in maintenance or leave the owner so frustrated that the lighting project is completely abandoned.

Store bought fixtures also have no way of maintaining an equal amount of current to each fixture. Many of our clients have had low end systems installed and always complain that our experts will wire your system specifically to guarantee that all fixtures run at their optimal level and our installations are 100 % guaranteed


Will installation of one of your systems tear up my yard?
The landscape light pros are completely conscious of our customers needs and make sure that all digging and trenching is done by hand. We never use heavy equipment and remain conscious of any hazards that could potentially cause any problems. You also have the comfort of knowing that all of are licensees are professionally trained and certified by the finest manufacturer of landscape lighting in the industry.


What if I wanted to extend my landscape and add more lights later?
All our systems are 100% expandable and depending on your needs we can find a way to beautifully accent your remodeled areas as well as reconfigure any existing lights to accentuate new areas. The landscape light pros will work with you from every aspect of your lighting needs.


There are so many other companies that I can choose from, why go with the Landscape Light Pros?
You have been able to trust The Christmas Light Pros for years for all of your holiday and special event decorative lighting needs. We have taken our extensive knowledge and ability to make your home a beautiful showcase during the holidays, and expanded it to allow your home to be one of envy in the neighborhood all year long. Not only will out lighting experts explain the process in a courteous and professional manner, we will go well out of our way to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

We have one goal in mind, to provide our customers the best products and service in the business. As always we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can count on us to be there in the future when you need us.


I was thinking of remodeling my yard and home, should I wait till the work is complete to call you guys?
We at the Landscape Light Pros recommend calling us during the planning stages of your remodel. We will work with your contractors and designers making sure that we can access areas of your yard that way be covered with surfaces impossible to dig around or under. We can also run conduit to light steps, walkways, driveways, and any other permanent surface. We can do it all, but you should always consider your lighting while making your plans for remodel.


How much does it cost to have low voltage lights installed?
There is no way to give a figure for such a job over the phone where job complexity can have many factors, but typically, jobs may run from $1500 and up. We use nothing but the finest fixtures, transformers, and wiring and back our work 100 %. All lighting consultations are free and we are willing to set up a no obligation demonstration to prove why we are the best in the business.


I have a low voltage system now but it’s broken and doesn’t function properly. Do I have to replace it to have a good system?
Many previously installed systems can be of good quality but neglect for years can cause them to deteriorate. We not only specialize in new system installation, but we will repair and maintain your current system and keep it running for years and years. Many overlook maintaining their systems after installation, but we at the landscape light pros will do what’s necessary to keep your low voltage system in tip top shape, whether we installed it or not.

The Landscape Light pros can handle all your permanent low voltage lighting needs. We use nothing but the finest products and guarantee your satisfaction. We can take care of all your architectural, landscape, and specialty lighting needs. From residential homes to large commercial properties, we can handle any of your lighting needs. We work to set up an ideal system that will light all your focal points using an array of techniques to bring out the beauty of your home and garden at night.

Some of the wonderful uses of low voltage lighting

  • Accent lighting
  • Path lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Pools, Jacuzzis, patios, porches
  • Gateways, driveways, walkways, paths
  • Flower beds, gardens, terraces, ponds
  • Waterfalls, statues, structures
  • Architectural features, gazebos


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time, and we’ll address any remaining issues you may have.


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