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We’ll go over all the advantages of lighting both public and private spaces, taking cohesion, depth, focal points and symmetry into complete consideration.

The Landscape light pros are a group of certified installers backed by one of the finest manufactures in the industry. We work with the home or business owner in all aspects from planning, design, installation, and maintenance with a level of professionalism you won’t find from any landscape company.


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Lighting Techniques and Design
Our lighting experts are trained to fulfill any lighting objective. We always take into consideration the main reasons one would install low voltage lighting.

  1. Security - Not only will low voltage lighting beautify the exterior of your home and landscape, it will provide your property with an increased level of security. Our lighting experts are trained to strategically place lights to evenly distribute low levels of illumination around your home and surrounding landscape. Properly lit, your home’s points of entrance become too risky for criminals to enter.
  2. Safety – Low voltage lighting is ideal for illuminating walkways, as well as entranceways and driveways. Properly placed path lighting allows for owners and visitors alike to carefully navigate around obstacles which otherwise may have not have been seen.
  3. Usability – Many people take for granted when they remodel their landscape or home that much of the work goes left unseen at night. Public and recreational areas can be enjoyed at any time with just a few low voltage lights.
  4. Beauty – Give your home some character and life at night. A good lighting design can create a wide array of moods while adding value to the property.

Our Process
Whether you’re looking for a new system to be installed, or you have an existing system that could use a little work, you can call on one of our lighting experts for a free – no obligation consultation. One of our lighting experts will come to your home or office and help you plan and design a beautiful setting that will bring out your favorite focal points and provide visual direction for everyone to enjoy.

Step by step what you can expect from one of our light experts.

Once you make an appointment, our light expert will come to your door with some sample fixtures and brochures to help you pick a style of light. At that time they will work with you to list some objectives of what can be reasonably achieved with a low voltage.
Once you have decided what the objective of the project is, our light pro will walk the property with you and flag areas to be lit. At that time the light expert will make a rough sketch of the ground with marks of proposed areas to be lit. At that time the light pro may have to take measurements of the distance between grounds to calculate for voltage and wattage adjustments. At that time, you’re done.

The light pro will take over from there. Once a plan has been created the lighting expert will calculate all factors and put together a free estimate. Based on your approval, installation can be done rather quickly and with little or no disruption to your landscape.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!!

Once the installation is complete, we will make any adjustments or changes to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Once you install your system, it does not take much to keep it in tip top working shape by routine maintenance and service. We strongly recommend that you purchase one of our yearly service agreements to ensure that you’ll have years and years of worry free enjoyment.

We are the low voltage experts!

You’ve trusted us for year to install and remove all your holiday decorations, but now we offer you the advantage of tastefully lighting your home and landscape year round from the people you know and trust to make your place a showcase. We have years of experience and the creativity to make sure that your home is all it cane be and more.

A professionally installed low voltage lighting system can increase curb appeal, complimenting your landscape investment and boosting your property value.

They are practical and make the nighttime atmosphere more elegant for entertaining, and run at a fraction of the cost of high voltage systems.

We offer the finest product on the market backed by a lifetime guarantee. All fixtures are made of solid bronze, brass or copper and are of top quality.

Landscape lighting is a home improvement trend sweeping the nation.

We work within your budget.

We offer an array of different fixtures as well as transformers and wiring to ensure you’ll get a system free of problems without having to dive deep into your pocket book

No job to big or small.

The Landscape light pros are capable of providing low voltage lighting on any level. Whether you want a few lights to accent a small yard or you’re lighting a small city, we have the tools and the knowledge to get the job done.

If you have any questions relating to our service, please contact us, and we’ll answer those questions for you immediately. .

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